How to choose a video production company?

ROI (return on investment) is the only barometer to measure the effectiveness and value of any media production including video production. According to a survey, 87% video marketers stated that videos give positive ROI while 86% said that videos are a great lead generation tool. Internet is being widely used to distribute all types of media production and videos have upstaged other media productions on it long ago. Lion’s share of internet traffic is by virtue of downloading and streaming of videos. Unsurprisingly, large number of people join the hunt for quality video every day. Videos are being used for branding, marketing, recruiting and what not. Video production is not a simple task though and so video production companies are in great demand. Choosing a video production company is also no mean task. Following are the steps that will help you choose a video production company suitable for you.

  1. Set targets and decipher requirements – Before starting the hunt for a suitable video production company, goals need to be set. Utmost clarity about the need for video is necessary for finding best suited video production company. Howsoever great may be the video production company, it will fail to provide positive results, if you yourself are not sure of your goals. So set goals first and then start the hunt for a suitable video production company.
  2. Developing content brief – Professional way to approach a professional video production company is to present them with a content brief. You have deciphered your requirements and now you need convey on the information to the video production company you choose. You can’t convey the information properly orally and hence arises the need for a content brief. As you are relying on a professional video production company, you don’t need to be absolutely perfect. If there are any gaps in your content brief then same can be filled by the video production company that you are hiring.
  3. Budgeting – You will need some money for video production and hence it is better to set a budget before approaching video production companies. Contacting some companies can give a rough idea about the budget. Go with a content brief and budget to an agency and walk out with a proposal. Be ready to amend budget to some extent at the behest of the agency as you may not be aware of costs.
  4. Prepare a list of top video production agencies – To get best results at least cost you would need to compare multiple agencies. For comparing multiple agencies you will have to first prepare a list of video production agencies. You can check the quality of videos of different agencies online to add agencies to the list. At times your business network can also help you zero in on good agencies. There are some awards that are given annually to top video production agencies. Checking award records can very much help you in preparing the said list.
  5. Approach companies and get proposals – Approach the listed companies and get proposals. Preparing questions to be asked in advance can help a great deal in getting proposals. Questions to be asked are common so you will not need to prepare different questions for different agencies.
  6. Make final decision after comparing the companies and their proposals – Once you get proposals from different companies and garner relevant information about their efficiency and cost of service, you can compare and make final decision about choosing one of the agencies.
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