Orchard Bank Gold Master Credit card

1) Issuer: HSBC Bank

2) Type: Master card

3) APR( Annual Percentage Rate): 7.90%

4) Annual fee: $35, waived first year

5) Processing Fee: 0

6) Security Deposit minimum required : 200$

7) Reports to three major bureaus

Orchard Bank offers cards in different categories they are silver, gold or platinum.


Qes) Does the credit limit increases automatically in Orchard Bank?
Ans) It is to believed that Orchard bank reviews one's credit account occasionally and if they found everything well in place they increase the credit line. For more details visit their website or call the customer care centre for more help.

Qes) Using an Orchard Bank card can help in increasing credit ranking ?
Ans) In general view one can increase its credit ranking by applying for secured cards and paying back the payments on time fully ,to go for the orchard bank one needs to check and view the fine prints before buying it.

Qes) Orchard Gold Master Credit card is a scam or not?
Ans) It is not a scam as it is run by one of the biggest bank that is HSBC, but to be on a safer side one should pay bills fully on time and over a period of time the credit line /credit ratings get improved.

Qes) why does secured credit card take so much time from Orchard bank?
Ans) Secured cards are meant for the people who have low or bad credit, so it takes time for approval. For more enquiries one can check the terms and conditions.

Qes) Does a secured card from Orchard Bank can be changed to unsecure cards ?
Ans) Yes a secure card can be c hanged to unsecure card, it totally depends upon the payment style of the card holder.

Qes ) How does Orchard Bank card works , there are reviews that say these are fraud?
Ans) To check whether it is a fraud or not read the terms and conditions when you apply for the credit card offers.

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