Green Dot Card

Green Dot Card features an array of benefits. One has the facility to customize Green Dot Prepaid Master/Visa Card with one's name. One can use this Green Dot Prepaid Card everywhere where Visa/Master debit cards are accepted.

One can shop online, pay bills online and can even use this Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card to get cash from ATM's.

Green Dot Money Card:

It is safer than cash and ones money is protected if ones Green Dot card is lost or stolen. It is a reloadable card. To reload Green Dot Prepaid Master/Visa card one can buy Green Dot money pack. With this money pack one can reloads ones prepaid card but can even add money to a PayPal account and that too without using a bank account. One can even make same day payments with this money pack. One can reload this Green Dot Card either by direct deposit or by sales agent such as Wal-Mart Green Dot, CVS Green Dot, and Kmart Green Dot and Rite Aid Green Dot etc.

One can purchase a Green Dot Money Pack Universal Reload for $4.95. The minimum initial load amount is of $20 and the maximum amount daily which can be loaded is of $ 2500. One can even buy a Green dot Money Pack with which one can load money immediately on the card, the amount ranges from $ 20 to $ 500.

Green Dot Prepaid Card activation fee is $ 9.95 and Green dot has a monthly servicing fee of $ 4.95. To purchase this card one has to fill an application form which is easily available online alternatively it can be applied by phone also.

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