Baby Phat Rush Card

Issuer: Manufacturers and Traders trust Company

Type: Visa Card

Activation Fee: 19.95 $

No overdraft fee

No interest charges

Free direct deposit

Free credit builder

No credit check

Guaranteed approval


How Rush Card works; I have seen some reviews on website that says Rush Card is fraud?
You should read the fine print when you apply to any credit card offer.

Will I'll be getting monthly statements with this Baby Phat Rush Visa card?
No, monthly statements are not provided but one can access his /her statements online and for more details call the customer care number that is 866-586-9669 or visit their website

Is it possible to spend more money than I have in my account?
No, it is not possible. One's card would be accepted only if you have enough balance in your card to cover the amount of things purchased.

Are prepaid cards serving the same features as in normal credit cards?
Yes, prepaid card serve all most all the feature as a regular credit card. But it is not a credit card. One can shop till the balance deposited in his account and there are no interest and no bills in it.

What would you need to have for applying this Rush Visa card?
One need to have social security number (SSN), a valid address, and age minimum of 18 years and for more details one can check the fine prints of the card.

Are you satisfied with the customer care service Rush prepaid card?
If you have any sort of complaints, doubts you can call the customer care number, the customer care representatives will do best to resolve your complaint, or you can also log on to their website that is

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