Numerica Visa Gift Card

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Fee Disclosure

No annual fee
No interest charges
Card Fee is $2.95 (per card)
One will be charged a fee of $1.50 each month, beginning on the 13th month,as long as there is a balance remaining on the Card.
Card Replacement Fee is $5

Features and Benefits

No Bank Account Needed
No credit Check Performed
Accessible Online
Pay bills online
Safe than cash
Ideal as a gift
Perfect for any occasion
Pay bills online
Shop online
Can be used immediately upon activation
Accepted at numerous places where Visa Debit Card acceptance is displayed
Issued By Numerica Credit Union
Card Network Visa Card


How can I purchase Numerica Visa Gift Prepaid Card?
If you want to purchase Numerica Visa Gift Card, then you have to fill an application form online which is easily available at its website that is or one can call at 866-902-6082 to apply it via phone.

Where can I use Numerica gift card?
You can use Numerica gift card anywhere in the world where Visa Debit card acceptance is displayed.

Can bills be paid online with Numerica gift visa card?
Yes, one can easily pay the bills online, but one should check the balance on the card before using it.

On using Numerica prepaid gift card will I get a paper statement at my home?
No, paper statements are sent at your home, for more details call customer care or visit website that is or can call customer care at 866-902-6082.

Is Numerica Gift Debit Card a reloadable card?
No, Numerica Gift Card is not a reloadable card.

Can I use my Numerica Prepaid Gift Credit Card to get cash from ATM's?
Numerica Card cannot be used to access cash from ATM's.

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