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The Black Hill region of South Dakota is famous for its caves and caverns. The caves of the Black Hills were created when the underground water dissolved layers of limestone which took the shape of huge passageways, spacious cave rooms, and networks of narrow tunnels.

There are numerous caves in the Black Hills of South Dakota which are open for tourist and one such cave is Wonderland Cave.South Dakota is the perfect vacation destination as it is filled with numerous attraction spots.

Wonderland Cave is located in the beautiful town of Nemo, near Sturgis, South Dakota.

Back in the 1800's evidence indicates that Indians knew of the cave, but there is no evidence which states that they used caverns. General Custer in 1874 passed below the cavern unaware of its position in the Limestone cliffs above. It was in 1929 when a search for a lost dog led two loggers to the upper room of the cavern and then the Wonderland Cave was brought into limelight. Wonderland Cave was remarked as Nameless Cave for year. It creates a sense of mystery as till date the end of the cave hasn't yet been discovered.

The first business tour was conducted during 1930; millions of tourists have visited Wonderland Cave. The Wonderland Cave has the largest variety of cave formation.

Wonderland Caves ceilings and walls are mostly covered with stalactites, flowstone, popcorn crystal, and helectites. The popular attraction of Wonderland Cave is the Birdbaths. The other outstanding features of Wonderland Cave are its 40-foot stalactite wall, and a reflecting pool beneath a ceiling dripping with white crystals.

Planning to travel to Wonderland, tourist can also explore an onsite rock shop, a large gift shop, walking trails, and it even has a full-service restaurant. One should take the help of experienced cave guides to guide you on your journey.

The weather within the caves remain cool with 49 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, one is always advisable to carry a light jacket.

Cave tours also include a guided half mile nature trail.

List of some of the hotels nearby Wonderland Cave, they are:

1) Days Inn Sturgis
2) Best Western Inn Sturgis
3) Super 8 Motel Sturgis
4) Holiday Inn Express Hotel Suites Sturgis

Planning to South Dakota travel one cannot miss to visit Beautiful Wonderland Cave , as it is one of the most beautiful caves, one can find more details about the tours by visiting there site that is southdakotacaves.com

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