Low Interest Credit Card

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A credit card comes in enormous types of schemes. Low interest credit card is one of it. One can enjoy number of benefits with low interest credit card.

The credit history of a person is the major factor considering the rate of interest ones get on a credit card. It is always seen that the person having a good credit score, the interest rate would be charged less. But people with a bad credit score can still have low interest credit card as there are various options available in the market.

Low interest credit card is best suited for people who carry a balance month to month.

Having low interest credit card one can save a good amount of money. There are various banks and financial institutions which provide 0% interest benefit if one transfer credit balance to their low interest card.

There are number of low interest cards to choose from like there are low interest student credit card, low interest business credit card, low interest secured credit card, low interest visa credit cards etc

The low interest credit cards from different banks and financial institutions provide or charge some of the lowest ongoing interest rates for purchases and balance transfers. It also has low fixed rate on APR or charge low introductory APR (Annual percentage Rate).

It is always advisable to read the terms and conditions of a credit card before actually opting it. One should not sign any documents before reading the terms of a credit card. One should compare the fees and rates being offered as there are variety of options available.

Aussie Master Card:It provides features like 9.99% p.a. on purchases for 12 months, after that a low interest rate of 11.49% p.a. for purchases.

Discover More American Flag Card:It Offers you a 0% introductory rate on card purchases for the first 6 months of membership and 0% on balance transfers for 12 months.

No Hassel Miles Rewards Credit Card:It provides 0 % intro APR on purchases until 2010 after that 13.9 % variable.

Iberia Bank Visa Platinum Card:It provides travel accident coverage up to 1,000,000$ and is online accessible and has no annual fee.
Iberia Bank Visa Gold Card:It requires excellent credit and is online accessible,provides travel accident coverage up to 500,000$ and earn 1% in cash back credit on all qualifying purchases.
Iberia Bank Visa Classic Card : It has no annual feesand offers 25 days as grace period for repayment of balances for purchases and provides low APR.

CUA Low Rate Master Card Silver:It charges an annual fee of 45 $, and is gloabally accepted.

CUA Low Rate Master Card Gold:It provides online account management and charges an annual fee of 85 $.

CITI Premier Pass Card Elite Level:It is online accessible, charges a low APR of 13.24 %, one can earn reward points on using the card.

Halifax Easy Rate Credit Card:It offers a typical rate of 8.9 % APR (variable) on balance transfers and purchases and has no annual fees also typical rate of 8.9 % APR (variable) on balance transfers and purchases
Simmons First Visa Platinum Card Simmons First Visa Platinum Card offers APR on purchases and balance transfer is 7.25 %and there is no annual fees for it
Metro PCS Prepaid Card Metro PCS Prepaid Card is issued by Meta bank and offers guaranteed approval, one can load at over 100,000 retail locations
Bay Cities Visa Platinum Card
Florida Commerce Platinum Edition Visa Card
Champion Visa Classic Credit Card
Access Visa Classic Card
Bay Shore Master Credit Card
Workers CU Visa Classic Card
1st Source Bank Visa Signature Card
Virginia Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card
MU Credit Card
CITI Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card for Students
Magnolia State Bank Visa Credit Card
ENT Visa Platinum
Premier Members FCU
Black Hills FCU Visa Credit Card
Hughes Visa Gold
Community America Visa Platinum
Provident Gold
Kit sap Visa Platinum
Goldenwest Platinum
USCCU Master
Quincy Visa
Quest Visa Credit

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